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Dental, Medical & Industrial Gas Co.,Inc.
21 Wolcott Ct Hyde Park, MA 02136
(617) 361-4600 FAX (617) 361-4601
Serving Eastern Mass since 1967
Monday - Thursday 8-3 Fridays 8-12
Closed Weekends & Hollidays


Dmi Gases; Inc. offers co2 and beergas in both 50lb. or more convenient 20lb. cylinders. We offer prompt delivery and courteous service.

We also offer filling for small co2 & beergas while you wait
(norm 10-15 min)

Note we fill your actual tank

What is BeerGas?

BeerGas is a special mixture of nitrogen and CO2 designed to correctly carbonate beer without excessive foam. The reduced CO2 content of the gas maintains the perfect carbonation level as the nitrogen pushes the beer from keg to tap. By controlling the carbonation level,

BeerGas greatly reduces foam at the tap. The result : a perfect glass of beer with a creamy head and no wasted foam. A new tradition. Up to now, the tradition was to use Co2 to push beer out of a keg. But pure Co2 caused too much foam. BeerGas squeezes out more beers instead of pouring profits down the drain in the form of foam. BeerGas maintains optimum carbonation right to the bottom of barrel.

BeerGas Benefits: Maximize Your Beer Profits: By using mixed gas and allowing us to "fine-tune" your system, you minimize beer waste. Extend the Life of your Beer System: You've invested a lot of money in your system. A properly maintained system will give you years of good service. Faster Pours: Using mixed gas allows you to increase the tap presure without over-carbonating the beer. Higher tap pressure means quicker fills. Better Tasting Beer: Every beer is brewed to a specific carbonation level. Since mixed gas maintains this level, you serve beer the way the brewer intended.

Wouldn't it make sense to get your gas,
from a real Gas Company. Call dmi today! 

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